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There's No Escaping Your Own Mind
A lonely war veteran psychologically unravels ahead of an old friend's impending visit.
Title Nightingale
Release Date 2015-05-29
Genres Drama
Production Companies HBO Films, Plan B Entertainment, BN Films, Yoruba Saxon Productions, Sea Smoke Entertainment
Production Countries United States of America


> How big deal is hosting a dinner for an old friend? Executive produced by Brad Pitt and distributed by HBO. The film partially inspired by the real event. The British actor David Oyelowo stars in this one man show. Nominated for the Emmy Awards, but he has won the Critics Choice Television Awards for his brilliant performance. That mean Critics loved it, but what movie fanatics say is yet to know. Along, the movie's fate (not commercially) will be decided by the common people who follow either critics or film fanatics or the both. So it begins when an ex soldier, Peter wanted to invite his fellow buddy, Edward from the army for a dinner. Just for one evening, but his mother and Ed's wife are the obstacle. It is a big deal for Peter and he's very obsessed with it, because they haven't met since 18 years. It looks silly, but the story progression is to tell how serious it could get. Drags until the final minute, develops the story in every possible fresh angle, but still revolves around the same theme. Not that hard to predict, but how it all ends remains our intense lookout. The presentation is very deceiving. You would see everything and believe it instantly, but you won't hear everything you see. I am talking about the phone calls that you can't hear the conversation from the other side of the line. That is where the doubts arise, because there's no confirmation of anything. You probably think there might be a hidden message or something and you want to decode it. It might confuse you what I'm babbling, but you will realise while you begin to watch it. > "I see now that my whole life > has pointed to this moment." So, if you have not seen it yet, my small suggestion is there are layers, especially the screenplay. They are not quite in order, but when Peter connects with other people, mostly with phone calls it also reveals his mental health condition. Excluding the beginning, when later part proceeds that discloses he trapped himself inside the house. Only the next half where the movie somewhat gives a glimpse of the surrounding exterior. It seems like Peter is blogging and revealing his present situation for millions of people online. Frankly, I never get those parts. But todays people are hooked to the internet, expects opinions from the strangers about their personal lives. When the film reaches the halfway mark, by then somewhat you come to know about the Peter and what is his motive, but mystery remains as we don't know the people he keeps in touch with. This psychological-drama was shot in a single location with the character Peter almost in every frame. Finely written screenplay by a newcomer and helmed by the 'Blitz' director. The movie was 80 minutes long, uses all the opportunities to fill the loopholes, but still few remains. Better to call it unsettled plot rather to label them as the flaws. Very original and so distinctive, one of this year's rare and special movie, but not a spectacular. And my final words, the less you learn, the more you are going to enjoy the film and you would hardly miss any important stuff. 7/10

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